Why Therapy?

Our family-of-origin experiences teach us how to be with others when we are adolescents and adults. As we grow, we develop our coping and communication styles. However, later we may find that some of those early strategies no longer serve us, or that we were misguided, or we find that our choices backfired – which can make navigating the world at times scary and overwhelming. Whether you survived a childhood or other trauma, or were thrown off balance when life took you in unexpected, painful directions, it can be useful to examine your current coping skills and relationships, and determine whether any of your tools need updating.
As a therapist who specializes in trauma and related issues (depression, anxiety, grief), I can explore with you any past wounds and ways that they inform the present, and together we can keep – and build on – what’s working, co-create ways to help heal from and integrate past trauma, and empower you to make choices to become the best version of yourself.
Your life is your story. Together we will look at every chapter, explore what needs revising, celebrate what has worked, discard what hasn’t, and co-design the next chapters of your precious, exquisite, unfolding life’s tale.

Ann Clark, LMFT – Licensed as Patricia Ann Clark #102631